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Bespoke courses are usually designed to meet the needs of individual organisations and their staff across the statutory, voluntary and independent sectors. They can be delivered in your own workplace. Alternatively you can attend courses which are run in the Royal Victoria Hotel, Sheffield and in the St Albans Conference Centre, London. Please ring to discuss your training needs and requirements.

Safeguarding adults/abuse of adults:

  • Basic awareness 
  • Making safeguarding personal: practice implications of the Care Act 2014
  • Handling disclosure
  • Learning the signs and symptoms of adult abuse
  • Preparing to undertake a safeguarding enquiry
  • Contributing to safeguarding enquiries
  • Safeguarding for providers: issues, responsibilities and legislation
  • Forced Marriage and Honour-Based Violence 
  • Interviewing skills
  • Preparing for and participating in case conferences
  • Chairing strategy meetings/case conferences/safeguarding meetings
  • Risk assessment and management in safeguarding adults work
  • Recording skills in safeguarding adults work
  • Developing safeguarding/protection plans
  • Managing adult safeguarding cases for managers
  • Developing/inducting specialist safeguarding adults teams
  • Minute-taking in safeguarding adults meetings for administrative staff
  • Working with victims of abuse in the long-term and the healing process
  • Perpetrators of adult abuse
  • Case review days
  • Refresher training
  • Training the trainers/developing pools of trainers
Bespoke courses for BSL Interpreters and CSWs:
  • Safeguarding Adults: Issues for BSL Interpreters - Safe and Best Practice (Course 1)
  • Advanced Safeguarding Adults Course for BSL Interpreter: More on Practice Issues (Course 2)
  • Further Advanced Safeguarding Adults Course for BSL Interpreter (Course 3)
  • Safeguarding Children for BSL Interpreters
  • Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence for BSL Interpreters
  • Lone Working: Keeping BSL Interpreters Safe
General courses for across the sectors (statutory, voluntary and independent):
  • Safeguarding children: basic awareness
  • Debriefing staff for provider managers
  • Assertiveness training
  • Presentation skills
  • Recording skills
  • Risk assessment and care planning
  • Supervision skills
  • Sexuality and older people



From 2018 Jacki Pritchard Ltd will be offering webinars, so that on-line training can be made available to a wide range of workers (whether they are employed by an orgnaisation or they are self-employed). So please watch for details here as the programme develops. In the interim the following webinars will take place in the first part of 2018:

  • Safeguarding Children for HISP Practitioners - Wednesday 7th February (19.00 to 20.30)
  • Safeguarding Children for Hypnotherapists: Basic Awareness, Roles and Responsibilities - Saturday 3rd March (10.30 to 12.00); Wednesday 11th April (19.00 to 20.30).

Normal fee: £36; discounted fee £30 (for NCH, GHR members and HISP Practitioners)


Other News

In SHEFFIELD - Holiday Inn Royal Victoria Hotel, S4 7YE: 

1) Safeguarding Children for BSL Interpreters - Saturday 17th February 2018.

2) Course 2 - Advanced Safeguarding Adults for BSL Interpreters: More on Practice Issues - Saturday 17th March 2018.
3) Lone Working: Keeping BSL Interpreters Safe - Saturday 12th May 2018.
Cost: £90 (includes lunch and refreshments)
In LONDON - St Alban's Conference Centre, EC1N 7AB
1) Lone Working: Keeping BSL Interpreters Safe - Saturday 30th June 2018.
2) Forced Marriage and Honour-Based Violence - Saturday 22nd September 2018
3) Safeguarding Children for BSL Interpreters - Saturday 10th November 2018.
Cost: £108 (includes lunch and refreshments)
All courses run 09.30 to 16.30; 6 training hours for CPD.
Safeguarding Children for Hypnotherapists: Basic Awareness, Roles and Responsibilities
Saturday 3rd March 2018: 10.30 to 12.00
Wednesday 11th April 2018: 19.00 to 20.30
Normal Fee: £36
Discounted fee £30 (for NCH members and HISP Practitioners)
(All fees quoted above are inclusive of VAT at 20%)
Telephone or e-mail for a course flyer, application form or to book.

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